29 September 2008

Have A Seat and Take A Load Off

I think these first two chairs would be comfortable to sit in, I would even keep the upholstery the same, circa 1950.
I love the backs of the second chairs, it's different than what you would first think of to recover.
And these ladder chairs, circa 1900 are chairs I've been looking out for these as well. 

And look at these head and foot boards aren't they wonderful ? You would have to have a big room to put these in I can just imagine a room with these it would be beautiful.

24 September 2008

French Furniture

18th c. French Armoire with Original Carvings.
Caen, France, circa 1790
19th c. Directoire Chair with Caryatid Arms,
Casters and Loose Down Cushion, Walnut


22 September 2008

Dream and Little Dream of France

Again I must share. Can you see yourself walking over this bridge to your garden. It is over another walkway and it just a beautiful and awesome place. 

I love the big windows in this  living space, although I would not have this type of furniture, it's too modern. 

And again a wonderful kitchen with the built-in Barbecue.  

Till Next Time !!!!

20 September 2008

French Holiday

Have a wonderful french holiday at, Belle Dune Holiday Village, in the North of France.

This looks so relaxing and wonderful. Have a holiday like the french......

19 September 2008

Simple and Functional French

With every picture I post I grow fonder of the French and their simple display of decor. 

Do you see that baby bassinet ? It is so simple and yet so pretty. 

If I were to be able to design a home for myself I would love to be able to implement some of these elements into the design, such as the sink, minus the plastic drawers. 

Look at the Attic isn't it marvelous ? 

Thank you for stopping by my new blog. I have another one, that you can click on at the top of this blog. 

17 September 2008

Paris Flea Market

Paris Flea Market. A wonderful online store with so many wonderful things. I just love looking through the pages of wonderful French inspired things to choose from. 

16 September 2008

Manor of France

Can you see yourself cooking in this kitchen ?
Thanksgiving or Christmas. At least I'd have more room in this kitchen than in my own small kitchen. 
I have a love of large fireplaces or cooking area's in a kitchen. The walk-in ones are my weakness and no one does it better then the French and English. 

The lovely beds to sleep in after a big Holiday dinner. Aren't they beautiful ? The carvings on the bed and the high headboards. 

And last but not least the walk-way to the Manor. I would love this walk in the Fall.

Oh, be still my heart.......

14 September 2008

French Estates

This is an actual Estate for Sale in France. 

Look at this kitchen I just love the look of it. So simple, roomy and I can see myself sitting around the table with the fire going and loving every moment. 

The colors on the wall, the plates hung, and the windows where you could stare out of and dream.

The entryway from the front door leading up the stairs. I wonder what the bedrooms look like.
And the sitting room. I could get wrapped up in the beautiful estate in the Duex Serves, 2 hours out of Paris. 

New Blog

I am testing my ability to have a second blog. I will be doing it a little different from my other blog "Many Fond Memories". 

I have a Love of French Country and English Country. So will see where this takes me. 


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