18 November 2008

French Architecture

The Baroque Palace of Versailles in France began as a simple stone and brick home designed by Philibert Le Roy in 1624. In 1669, architect Louis Le Vau began a detailed renovation and expansion.

How Gothic Architecture Began
Gothic architecture began mainly in France where builders began to adapt the earlier Romanesque style. Builders were also influenced by the pointed arches and elaborate stonework of Moorish architecture in Spain. One of the earliest Gothic buildings was the ambulatory of the abbey of St. Denis in France, built between 1140 and 1144.
Originally, Gothic architecture was known as the French Style. During the Renaissance, after the French Style had fallen out of fashion, artisans mocked it. They coined the word Gothic to suggest that French Style buildings were the crude work of German (Goth) barbarians. Although the label wasn't accurate, the name Gothic remained.

09 November 2008

Come Shop In Paris

A Paris indoor flea market is like stepping inside of a museum. I would spend hours in this place. Clocks being a weakness of mine, I would want to hear them chime.
And look at the globes aren't they wonderful, I love the old worn appearance to them.

The frames on the pictures, the chandeliers are all so wonderful. 

Someday my dream will come true..........

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