16 September 2008

Manor of France

Can you see yourself cooking in this kitchen ?
Thanksgiving or Christmas. At least I'd have more room in this kitchen than in my own small kitchen. 
I have a love of large fireplaces or cooking area's in a kitchen. The walk-in ones are my weakness and no one does it better then the French and English. 

The lovely beds to sleep in after a big Holiday dinner. Aren't they beautiful ? The carvings on the bed and the high headboards. 

And last but not least the walk-way to the Manor. I would love this walk in the Fall.

Oh, be still my heart.......


She's Gone Fishing said...

Hauling in wood or coal for the cookstove...butchering the hog to then cook in the fireplace and spending time in the garden gathering vegies. Horsebackriding through the woods and picnicing at the pond on the property. Let's harness up the horse and take a buggy ride into town to see aunt Violet and take her to lunch...She's leaving you a wad of cash so be nice and don't talk about that growth on her neck oh and don't forget to take your hat sweetie. Maxine says wear suncreen. I went ahead and made reservations at Chez Françoise for you two. You'll eat al fresco under the large umbrellas. Wake up your day dreaming again...
Lets go honey

She's Gone Fishing said...

she's back....Now I want to drag in my gianormous walnut bed like that one...guess iron beds are for summer, wood in for winter right? Does "no white after Labor Say" apply to beds as well.

Joyce said...

I love this blog!!! I love the music. I love the photo's. I love the whole feel of it. I admire you the desire to maintain two blogs, but knowing you - you will do just fine. You are so good about posting regularly. I'm very impressed!!!

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