14 September 2008

French Estates

This is an actual Estate for Sale in France. 

Look at this kitchen I just love the look of it. So simple, roomy and I can see myself sitting around the table with the fire going and loving every moment. 

The colors on the wall, the plates hung, and the windows where you could stare out of and dream.

The entryway from the front door leading up the stairs. I wonder what the bedrooms look like.
And the sitting room. I could get wrapped up in the beautiful estate in the Duex Serves, 2 hours out of Paris. 

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She's Gone Fishing said...

How much money's do they want for it? How bout you and me move there after the house sells? I think Brandi Daisy and Callie would enjoy rammbling on the estate. Aren't you ready for some new scenery? I'd miss my desert but I'd enjoy the french english country side too. I'm sure I lived there as well in one of my many past lives. I've got a few groovy books I picked up that'll make you drool, as I'm certain you've got a library of them as well.
g&c =^..^=

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