24 September 2008

French Furniture

18th c. French Armoire with Original Carvings.
Caen, France, circa 1790
19th c. Directoire Chair with Caryatid Arms,
Casters and Loose Down Cushion, Walnut



Jan and Tom's Place said...

Beautiful pix!! The blue armoire is gorgeous!!!

Thanks for your visit and comments...and I checked the Red Cross Safe & Well list (thanks for the link), but nothing. All I know is that Shelia, her mom and her pooch left the area in plenty of time...drove 9 hours north. Nothing though about the MR. Nothing since they left their home, some 12 or so days ago.

Still praying...


Sabina said...

Ahh...beautiful French furniture. I love this blog Glenda - thanks for visiting my site as well.

Take care,
Sabina ~

Anonymous said...

French music is a very nice touch while checking out your site. Who is it?

David James said...

WOW!!!! beautiful furniture ..

Entertainment centers

French Furniture said...

Wow, beautiful furniture. I love the blue 18th century Armoire. It's just stunning!

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