26 December 2009

Bonne année à tous ceux qui visitent.

Je vous souhaitant à tous les ans sécurité et au chaud Nouveau.
Mai vos ennuis être peu nombreuses, et votre amour pour longtemps.
Se souvenir de ceux qui ne sont pas avec nous, et mai, ils apportent un sourire sur votre visage quand vous pensez à eux.
Je lève un verre de champagne à vous tous.

I am wishing you all a safe and warm New Years. May your troubles be few, and your love be long. Remember those that are not with us, and may they bring a smile on your faces when you think of them. I raise a glass of Champagne to you all.

12 December 2009

Christmas In France

I must admit it's been awhile since I last posted anything on my blogs. I was a bit stumped on just how to get these pictures on here. But I did.

If you visit my other blog Many Fond Memories the story there tells you why I haven't posted for awhile.

Just wanted to leave everyone with a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

31 October 2009

I Love Crosses !!

Crosses are a favorite of mine. I have them all over the house. The more the merrier.

As you can see in the Blog header, I like religious things. I have statues, crosses, holy water fountains etc....

They have their own beauty.

I know I've been away for awhile, but I will try to post a little more. But it won't be everyday. It's just too time consuming.

04 September 2009

May Day in France Is Their Labour Day

Dog Rose Flower

The dog rose flower is a type of plant typically presented to loved ones in France on May Day.

Trade unions and other organizations organize parades and demonstrations to campaign for workers rights on May 1. People may also use these events to campaign for human rights in general, to demonstrate against racism or highlight current social issues.

May 1 is a public holiday. Post offices, banks, stores and other businesses are closed. Outside of tourist areas, restaurants and cafes may be closed. However, some stores in Paris, as well as at airports and railway stations and along major highways, may be open. Public transport service schedules vary depending on where one lives and intends to travel. Parades and demonstrations may cause disruption to traffic in the centers of large cities, particularly Paris.

We celebrate on the first Monday, of Sept. and France on May 1st.

14 August 2009

French After School Snack

A gouter is the snack that all children in France have at 4pm. Very popular is a chunk of baguette with a bar of chocolate in the middle! Believe it or not this is a very popular afternoon snack among French children. If that seems excessive, get hold of a jar of Nutella - chocolate spread - as a good alternative. Every single person in France is familiar with Nutella.

20 July 2009

French Churches

Churches of France, from city churches to countryside, to nearer my God to thee on a hilltop. Yikes that's a hike to go to church, but worth it I am sure to go.

The beauty of them. They were duplicated here in the states as well. Mostly in Gothic architecture. But nothing beats a French Cathedral.

06 July 2009

Beauty In Everything

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

These have their own beauty. I admire a person with such an eye, to obtain these photo's.

Hope your 4th was fun and safe.....

03 July 2009

Happy Independence Day To All !

Heureux le jour de l'indépendance à tous les.

Happy Independence Day to all.
Be safe with your firecrackers and BBQ's. Don't drink and drive.

23 June 2009

Floors And Tiles Done The French Way

When it comes to beauty, the French do it very well.

The bathroom is so pretty. The choice of wood flooring is something we do not think of having done here. Whether it be expensive or not. I rather have my floors done this way.

Enjoy !

13 June 2009

Dog's Of France

Great Pryeness
French Bull Dog
Basque Shepard Dog

All these beautiful dogs originate from France. If you're a lover of dogs as I as, they are all wonderful.

I am partial to the Poodle, I have two of my own. A teacup and a toy. If I had room for more I'd have more.

30 May 2009

Street Signs Of Paris

The street signs of Paris. Why are they so much more attractive ? 

If you go to the Paris Flea Markets you can purchase ones that have been taken down and replaced. Paris is broken down in quarters, some more expensive to live more than others. 

I've seen old signs go for over $100.00. 

19 May 2009

The Artful French Kitchen

The wonderful designs of these stoves takes your breath away. These are French in design. And would add a certain panache to any kitchen if you have the kitchen and the money to get one of these gems. They cost around $20.000.00. For that money you better love to cook and cook often to make it worth getting. 

I know what you saying why is she teasing us with these, I just think their art, if a stove could be art. 

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