20 July 2009

French Churches

Churches of France, from city churches to countryside, to nearer my God to thee on a hilltop. Yikes that's a hike to go to church, but worth it I am sure to go.

The beauty of them. They were duplicated here in the states as well. Mostly in Gothic architecture. But nothing beats a French Cathedral.

06 July 2009

Beauty In Everything

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

These have their own beauty. I admire a person with such an eye, to obtain these photo's.

Hope your 4th was fun and safe.....

03 July 2009

Happy Independence Day To All !

Heureux le jour de l'indépendance à tous les.

Happy Independence Day to all.
Be safe with your firecrackers and BBQ's. Don't drink and drive.

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