30 April 2009

Gilded French Frames

Beautiful gilded frames either for a picture or mirror, catch my eye every time. I have them all over the house. I am drawn to them everywhere I go.  When I see one in a thrift shop, I don't care about anything else at the time, just zero in and go in for the kill. 

I only wish I had more wall space........

21 April 2009

Beautiful Things I've Seen

I tired to find French Inspired things in my journey this weekend. These were just a few that I found. So many of us love the French things, because they are a thing of beauty. 

What do you have in your home that is French Inspired ?

14 April 2009

Luster Francais

French Chandeliers, just don't come with all the crystals that we envision when the think of Chandeliers. 

They come in all forms. These are some examples of them. Mostly used in rural homes these chandeliers have stood the test of time. There's a story with these examples, I wish I knew what those were. 

But of course we still have a love affair with the crystal ones. 

11 April 2009

Happy Easter To All

Joyeuses Pâques à tous

Happy Easter to all. 
Hope you all have a fun and wonderful Easter. 

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