29 September 2008

Have A Seat and Take A Load Off

I think these first two chairs would be comfortable to sit in, I would even keep the upholstery the same, circa 1950.
I love the backs of the second chairs, it's different than what you would first think of to recover.
And these ladder chairs, circa 1900 are chairs I've been looking out for these as well. 

And look at these head and foot boards aren't they wonderful ? You would have to have a big room to put these in I can just imagine a room with these it would be beautiful.


She's Gone Fishing said...

Hey you...I like those first two chairs and my antique dealer buddy has some like them only in the origainl needlepoint and the wood is painted gold...kinda trampy flashy looking with the gold. If I had a larger living room I'd probably snag em since he'd give em to me at cost, but gold? Too flamboyant trampy for me even though it would fit in with my taste!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

You had me at frnech chair, but the headboards took my breath away.

Ambrea @ Come Home Cottage said...

I've just got to ask...Do you love the movie 'Love in the afternoon' with Gary Cooper? Your music makes me want to watch it! We have a very similar style twist. Nice to meet a french country cottage gal!


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