09 November 2008

Come Shop In Paris

A Paris indoor flea market is like stepping inside of a museum. I would spend hours in this place. Clocks being a weakness of mine, I would want to hear them chime.
And look at the globes aren't they wonderful, I love the old worn appearance to them.

The frames on the pictures, the chandeliers are all so wonderful. 

Someday my dream will come true..........



She's Gone Fishing said...

Love the new background but the pink text is a little fuzzy on the eyesight overlayed on the squished catapillar green. I'd love to go to the Paris Flea

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I bought a globe at the flea market yesterday!

Love to flea!

A-M said...

Oh Glenda, one day your dream will come true. It's good for the soul to yearn! I would just die if I came across that gorgeous flea market. Thanks for your kind words over at my place. All part of the building process. I WAS warned! I think I might need a stiff drink tonight! A-M xx

the pleasures of homemaking said...

What a fun place that would be to browse! I love the mantel down below - that's always been my dream mantel.


vintagewindow said...

I could spend an entire day drooling over everything.

Love the photos


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