30 October 2008

French Army

The days of war were played out by children with life like soldiers, in their living rooms and playrooms.

These are some very rare french soldiers that children played with, probably very well off children that had the very best. The last picture is of a band. 

Some of these go for as much as $5000.00 dollars a set. 

As a child I remember having war sets that depicted the army and we would play for hours our little war games. You can not find them as easily as we did in the 60's.



Shelia said...

Hi Glenda! I've seen little metal soldiers, maybe ones not this old. But my Mr. Precious would love these. He almost started to collect these little soldiers from the Civil War era.
Oh, thank you for that informations. I know as we toured the museum part, we learned so much about their brother, he was given to drink!!
Didn't know that about the sister writing under another name.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

vicki archer said...

hello glenda,
the toy soldiers are wonderful and i am reminded of a shop in the palais royale, in paris, that specializes in them. i have never
been into that shop but i have admired them in the window - especially the delicate workmanship, as i have strolled around the square.
thank you for stopping by french essence xv.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Those are fabulous ! We had the american version of lead soldiers from my grandpa. How much fun and imagination we had.

Sabina said...

Wonderful -- I played with toy soldiers in the bath tub as a child. I wish I still had the ability to play in such a carefree way!!

Take care!!

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