31 January 2010

Au Revoir Chéris

I've explained on my other blog the lack of postings. So I won't go into it here on this one. 

I truly wish I was on that ship in the picture instead of where I am in my life. 

I realized I had not mentioned anything on this blog. It is hard, but I feel the need to do it. 

I will not remove this blog, for I know I will return. I don't know exactly how long or when exact. 

But if anyone knows of a job in the SF Bay area, keep me in mind. 

Like I said, I will be back but not sure when. 

Please do not forget me, I have not forgotten you all for coming by and saying hello from time to time.


Jackie said...

Good luck on the job search. I know it is very rough out there!
Will NOT 4get you!
God Bless,

Dawn said...

Hi Glenda, keep your chin up. You're a talented lady with an eye for style. Maybe you can try a different line of work than what you did before.

Anonymous said...

Love the old photo. Makes me think its off to the french country...

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vosges paris said...

Glenda... so sorry to hear , come along whenever you feel like coming back in blogland, stay well!
bisous desiree

Jack Canfield said...

Good luck on your chosen path! We're still looking forward for some of your posts in the future.

Mimi said...

Very sensitive!!!

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