24 January 2009

Vintage French Crowns

Well now I ask you, why are these so hard to find and cost soooo much for reproduction crowns.  I have seen these go for as much as $450.00 on Ebay.  I too have seen them on certain sites as well and either I am naive or something, but I just don't get it. I have never seen these elsewhere such as antique stores. 

So I ask you, what makes these reproduction crowns EXPENSIVE !!!!!!!! ?

18 January 2009

French Chintz

This s a new favorite of mine, French Chintz, by Mikasa. It's simple yet beautiful.  I may have to start collecting this. 

09 January 2009

French Fashions From 1940's

I love this era of fashion. This era to me was the hight of style for women. The tailoring of the men and women were form fitting and flattering. 

I have pictures of my mother in similar fashions during war time. I love the 1940's movie fashion as well. 

04 January 2009

Beautiful French Art

From Inges Turkesh, bath to Renoir these are beautiful examples for French Artist at their best. 

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