30 October 2008

French Army

The days of war were played out by children with life like soldiers, in their living rooms and playrooms.

These are some very rare french soldiers that children played with, probably very well off children that had the very best. The last picture is of a band. 

Some of these go for as much as $5000.00 dollars a set. 

As a child I remember having war sets that depicted the army and we would play for hours our little war games. You can not find them as easily as we did in the 60's.


26 October 2008

Beautiful French Crystal

I love beautiful French Crystal. It looks so pretty on the table. 

20 October 2008

Ooooo laaaa laaaa

Fine French Louis XV Style marble fireplace surround 19th century.
French, Louis XV-Louis XVI Transition period, tall-case clock ("horloge de parquet") 18th century

George IV period, giltwood and upholstered confidante Circa 1825

16 October 2008


I wouldn't mind Halloween if I had this view.......

15 October 2008

A Favorite Painting

A favorite piece of French Art, by Pierre-Auguste

11 October 2008

Mercury Glass

Mercury glass comes in different shapes and colors. 

From beautiful silver to blue and red, purples and lavenders etc........

These are just a few examples of what you'll find. 

08 October 2008

Gardens Of France

The first picture is in the 17th Century in the gardens of Versaille. And the last picture is also the current gardens of Versaille. What a striking difference. 

All of these gardens are beautiful in the own. I would not want to take care of them.

07 October 2008

French Tea Parlor

I would love to take tea in either of these rooms. For coffee lovers it would be suitable as well. 
Big rooms like these  are a dream come true for me. I must have lived before in a home such as these. 

03 October 2008

French Dining

Whether it be a small dinner for two or  family dining, or a large gathering, these dining rooms are practical and quaint. Don't you just love the second dining room it is classy and has great potential. 

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