30 May 2009

Street Signs Of Paris

The street signs of Paris. Why are they so much more attractive ? 

If you go to the Paris Flea Markets you can purchase ones that have been taken down and replaced. Paris is broken down in quarters, some more expensive to live more than others. 

I've seen old signs go for over $100.00. 

19 May 2009

The Artful French Kitchen

The wonderful designs of these stoves takes your breath away. These are French in design. And would add a certain panache to any kitchen if you have the kitchen and the money to get one of these gems. They cost around $20.000.00. For that money you better love to cook and cook often to make it worth getting. 

I know what you saying why is she teasing us with these, I just think their art, if a stove could be art. 

07 May 2009

Carousel's Of France

The carousel originated in Europe, but reached its greatest fame in America in the 1900's. The first carousels featured gondolas, carts, menagerie animals, and horses. The French developed many variations of the carousel. In one variation, the riders tried to spear gold rings with lances while the carousel rotated at full speed. This undoubtedly led to the phrase, "catching the brass ring" on later carousels.

In the mid 16th century, grand tournaments were held in France. Saddle makers, tailors, jewelers, and wig makers created extravagant costumes for both horse and rider for these occasions. Inspiration for later carousel carvers apparently originated from these events.

During the late 1800's, many skilled European carvers immigrated to the United States to produce carousels. The carvings of these immigrants were a great improvement over the first efforts of unskilled carvers. Usually the side of the carousel horse facing the audience, the "Romance" side, was adorned with carved decorations, while the inner side received little attention. The golden age of carousels only lasted 25 years, but still brings back wonderful childhood memories today. 

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