31 March 2009

Cast Your Eye's Upon Beauty

I found this site quite by accident. And I couldn't leave it without mentioning it or showing you what beautiful things they have. Their not all prefect which is what I like the most about old things that were used and functional for the people that previously owned them. 

So, go take a look for yourselves. Lantiques .

20 March 2009

Wine Growing In France

There are so many regions for growing wine in France. Depending on the type of grape you grow. There are some grapes that grow better in mild weather, some in warmer regions, and others in cool. The soil is different in every region as well. Hillside to flat depends as well.  And that goes for Champagne too. Here in the US, we can't call what we make Champagne, it's sparking wine. France is the country it originated from so they have the rights to the name based on the region Champagne.

There are so many family owned winery's and they have been passed from generation to generation.

If your a wine lover, you should go for wines of France.

10 March 2009

Zinc Is The Word

Zinc is more commonly used in Europe as a reference in color and metal. You rarely hear it used in the States. 

These are very common sites to see. Little baking tins used for candles and planters in zinc. Or cute baskets for your cutlery or even clothes pins. 

But if you want to call it Grey, that's fine too. Either way it's a universal color with universal uses. 

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